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The group known as Antifa has been growing out-of-control, especially in the liberal areas of the Pacific Northwest. The Department of Homeland Security has officially designated Antifa a domestic terror organization and members caught in public with masks on could face up to 15 years in prison thanks to new legislation known as the “Unmasking Antifa Act.”

A Vancouver, Washington man who voted for Trump paid a dear price for his vote after his Nissan Titan truck was vandalized and burned out by Antifa vandals. When he returned to the bar where he had left his truck the night before, he found only the charred remains of what used to be his nice pickup truck.

The truck belongs to a man named Johnny MacKay who opted to take an Uber home the night before rather than driving under the influence. MacKay left his Nissan Titan truck in the parking lot of the bar with the plan to drive back the next morning and retrieve it.

The only problem with his plan was that anti-Trump terrorists got to it first; leaving it nothing but a smoking pile of twisted metal with the word “TRUMP” spray-painted on its side.


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