The Democrat Party Death Cult #36

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Democrats say they are the Holy party of God, for what god would be on the side of the likes of Trump and his Republicans? However, their actions speak volumes.

The people who elected a  communist as leader of the free world, who attempted to foist abortion and gay marriage on the Christian church, say that Republican evangelicals are not very Christian when they support Donald Trump.

Over the weekend, Beto O’Rourke held a very small rally where a man asked him if he was considered a worthy life the day before he was born. O’Rourke said that he was then followed with “but it was up to your mom whether or not you were born.”


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The satanic Democrats cheered him on. Not only were they cheering Beto’s answer, but they were also cheering on the murder of innocent children. Yet, the Democrats claim to be champions of innocent immigrant children. You can’t have both.

To these Democrats, Donald Trump is a crass, lowly, base creature who lies and steals and is going to Hell.  Do you understand what Jesus meant when He said, “Judge not lest you be judged?”  These people have not changed since the Civil War when they said then that God was on their side.

They claim to have the moral high ground, but champion murder. They call for attacks on anyone that thinks differently from them. However, anyone moral wouldn’t agree with any of their murderous policies.

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This is The Same Democrat Party that:

  • demanded slavery not be abolished by the Constitution
  • fought a war killing hundreds of thousands to keep their slaves
  • created the KKK to terrorize their former slaves
  • passed Jim Crow laws to oppress their ex-slaves
  • seduced the grandchildren of those slaves
  • made them welfare voter slaves
  • encourage black families to be fatherless
  • now blame Republicans for slavery
  • say Republicans want to bring back slavery
  • say America has always been a slave nation from the landing of the pilgrims
  • push for America to become socialist
  • steal from the rich giving taxpayer’s money to idlers, addicts, and foreigners
  • decriminalize criminals
  • legalized abortion
  • promote killing babies
  • barred Christian prayer in schools
  • banned teaching Christian morals
  • endorse Islam over Christianity
  • empower Islamist Jihadis
  • pray for a recession
  • advocate for atheist socialism
  • wish for American soldiers to be killed
  • created Antifa Nazi thugs
  • riot, loot, and burn
  • assassinate police
  • strive to disarm law-abiding citizens
  • assist foreigners to invade
  • lie about righteous people
  • assist Communist China and Iran against President Trump
  • instill irrational fears about climate change being Armageddon from CO2
  • cheer when good people die
  • celebrate America haters
  • corrupt America’s youths
  • would re-crucify Christ
  • and scorns Christians and Jews
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They also politicize every mass shooting that happens. We conservatives are so sick of these progressive Democrats waiting to pounce on death and exploit it to their advantage. It takes a special kind of person to do it, to see something awful unfolding on television and think, “How can I use this to my advantage?”

That’s the modern American left, and it has to be destroyed.

While the San Bernardino terrorists were still at large, all three Democrats running for president took the opportunity to call for gun control. That’s the sort of sociopathic disconnect from human decency we expect from serial killers, not someone who seeks to become the next leader of the free world.

These people spent the week after two Islamic terrorists murdered 14 people blaming inanimate objects for their actions and seeking to take rights away from innocent Americans. Progressives continually seek Reichstag burns in order to empower government over the individual.

A terrorist attack is the same as a school shooting, is the same as a storm, is the same as a drought – a chance to advance their agenda.

There is nothing they won’t exploit for their cause. They will goosestep “forward” over any terrain. Over the bodies piled deep in the cities they control or the 100 million their philosophy deprived of life in the last century; nothing short of everything is enough.

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