JUSTICE: ANTIFA Thug Sentenced to Six Years in Prison For Brutal Baton Attack on Protester

A Portland ANTIFA gang member has been sentenced to six years in prison for carrying out a brutal baton attack on a right-wing demonstrator at a political event in June.

Gage Halupowski struck Adam Kelly on the back of the head with a baton at the June 29th event, in which ANTIFA operatives attempted to shut down a pro-American event.

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Halupowski wasn’t the only black-clad and masked leftist to attack Kelly, as several of his ANTIFA comrades were also caught on camera striking and pepper spraying the right-wing demonstrator.

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The ANTIFA brute also punched a police officer in the arm when he was being taken into custody shortly after the act of political terrorism.

Halupowski ended up pleading guilty to second-degree assault for his violent crime. However, he thinks the punishment for his act of political violence is too much, judging from his lawyer’s, Edward Kroll, statements in court on Friday.

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According to Kroll, the six-year sentence was the harshest he had ever seen a criminal court hand a young individual with no criminal record.


Journalist Andy Ngo was also injured by ANTIFA thugs at the same event Kelly was attacked, showing a consistent pattern of violent thuggery from the denizens of Portland’s most dangerous criminal organization.

Considering the City of Portland has consistently treated ANTIFA gangs with kid gloves, it’s surprising Halupowski is even getting a serious criminal sentence at all.

He could’ve been charged with first-degree assault and riot charges, which could’ve entailed a prison sentence of up to a decade.

State and local governments, especially in the troubled city of Portland, have a long way to go in sending a message to the thugs of ANTIFA making it clear they can’t act with impunity.

But as Halupowski is put behind bars, it seems as if the authorities are taking a step in the right direction in countering ANTIFA’s radical terrorism.

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