Jeff Zucker CONFRONTED At Airport; Refuses to Answer Sexual Assault Questions

CNN President Jeff Zucker was recently confronted by Project Veritas at the ATL airport where he was asked about how he allegedly covered up sexual assault allegations against CNN supervisor Steve Brusk.

The fake news network was awfully interested in the bogus accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh last year, but look how they respond to CREDIBLE accusations made against people at their own network.

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“What about uh, allegations from Steve Brusk from employees at your network, sir?” the Project Veritas reporter asked.

Zucker refused to respond.

Honestly, are we surprised at all?

In the recent undercover video, CNN employees were caught on camera revealing what top executives at the company get away with.

Watch below:

“So, like, there is this girl that was twenty-one. She’s actually a good friend of mine. She had just gotten hired after being an intern… And she was getting… There was a going-away party for a co-worker. We were all having a really good time… She was very well-liked.

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We were getting drunk. He started, like, staying close to her… Arm around her,” senior CNN producer Saleeby said while recalling the event.

“She had a skirt on. I could see the hand. I, like, grab her. It looked like I was being the assaulter because I grabbed her so aggressive… To keep her from him. Like, go around her and go, ‘Come over here’ and looked at him because I could flatten him,” he added. “I wouldn’t do it because then I would be the one who got fired… He would have absolutely been like, ‘get in a cab with me later.’”

“He had already been accused of the things prior, which I found out later,” Saleeby also said.

Saleeby said that Brusk would have been fired in today’s world due to the “#MeToo” environment, where “people are afraid to do shit.”

In the second half of the video, CNN media coordinator Nick Neville is seen telling Project Veritas’ “CNN insider” Cary Poarch — a satellite technician who went undercover while working as a contractor at CNN’s Washington, D.C., office — that Brusk picked a female staffer over him to be on his team. According to Neville, the unnamed girl signaled the decision to join Brusk was “hush-hush.”

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Later on in the video, CNN media coordinator Nick Neville told Project Veritas of another instance involving Brusk. “There was this other girl who was like an [News Assistant], I feel like we basically had the same level of experience…and a job just kind of like appeared out of nowhere…and it was never posted online, and this girl always worked pretty closely with Steve, like all of us on the desk would help Steve out with stuff,” said Neville.

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