Meet the Press took to the streets, asked about impeachment, and the public doesn’t care..

I don’t know if you have seen how FOX does a man in the street segment.  Well Meet the Press gave it a shot. It was on impeachment.  You know, the silly waste of time fiasco the Democrats been doing the past three years.  Guess what?  Americans do not care.  After the man in the street segment, the NY Times reporter ( Helene Cooper ) just didn’t buy it. Here’s what she said.

“I wonder who are all the voters that you’re talking to,” she said, “because I’m so inundated. Whenever anybody finds out I’m a reporter, all they want to ask me about is impeachment, and what’s going to happen?”

In closing, what’s it take to get these folks to realize that the people don’t care, and are not interested.  What say you?

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