Virginia Vote For Gun Control is Another Excuse for a Gun Grab #51


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Virginia voters are preparing to head to the polls where they will decide on a number of major issues and possibly flip control of the legislature. This week’s elections will test Democrats’ enthusiasm as well as the political waters surrounding gun control.

One Republican candidate hoping to represent the state’s 68th District is Garrison Coward, who appears to be on board with some type of reform. Coward recently unveiled his plans to address gun violence, which could be a defining issue for candidates across the U.S.

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Anytime there’s gun violence, I believe it is a tragedy. Right? For me, it’s making sure that we have mentally-ill folks and violently-radical individuals not getting access to these weapons. On the federal level, you do hear talks about beefing up background checks, red flag laws…I’m not quite there. I do think that we need to have a conversation,” Garrison Coward said.

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Many are calling this a gun grab pushed by the so-called “red flag laws.”

Red Flag gun control is designed to “flag” suspicious, potentially dangerous gun owners. Red Flag laws usually include legalese allowing for gun confiscations and further investigation of the “flagged” individual.

Once flagged, law enforcement usually gets involved quickly. They’ll demand you confiscate your guns under threat of being imprisoned or committed. You may be required to submit to psychological tests or cross-examination by a medical professional.

Many legislators and Justice department officials say these laws help to prevent gun violence from happening. California reported a sharp increase in gun confiscations with the passage of its own Red Flag law. The bill required anyone with a restraining order to submit their guns for confiscation.

While taking a firearm from a dangerous person sounds reasonable, the attitude of officials charged with enforcing these bills is worrying. When asked about why the law is so effective, San Diego City Attorney Maria Elliot said quite simply, “We don’t have to wait for a crime to be committed.”

That sounds scarily similar to a search-and-seizure without probable cause or due process.

If implemented, anyone can claim you are unfit to have a gun and the police come in and forcibly take your guns. Know this, the left will use this to take everyone’s guns. This violation of the second amendment will be abused to push even more alt-left agendas.

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