Last one out, please turn out the lights. The number of people fleeing California is growing. Is the Golden State too expensive?

California was once a very desirable place to call home.  I know.  I once lived there and I still have business dealings and have ownership of a home there.  Still a great place to visit if you know how to navigate the Pitt stops. People have been fleeing for years.  Sure you have Silicon Valley and Disney, but what good are they if you can’t buy a home or take your family to the Amusement parks?


Now the Sacramento Bee claims that the majority who move are the poor.  If so, the poor spend money and buy goods.  Also, they are being replaced by legal and illegal immigrants who make less money.  Who can’t afford to house, and use more social programs? In closing, why would you encourage low wage workers ( illegals at that ) to come here?

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