Lindsey Graham Puts The Press on Blast for Treatment of Trump: “Ya’ll hate this guy”

Senator Lindsey Graham ripped into the media today for their bias against President Trump. It’s about time someone let them have it.

“The whole process is a joke. ….You [media] just pick things you like. Ya’ll hate this guy [Trump]. Ya’ll want to get him impeached.”

I’m not buying into Schiff running a legitimate operation over there. …This is a political vendetta.”

Later today, Senator Graham joined President Trump to celebrate the record number of judges appointed. Graham mentioned that the “defining moment” for him in Trump’s presidency was the fight to confirm Justice Kavanaugh:

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Brett Kavanaugh lived a life we should all be proud of. He worked hard and the way he was treated was the worst experience I have had in politics. A lot of people would have pulled the plug on him. Mr. President, thank you for not pulling the plug.

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Anti-Trump Media: To say that the big networks haven’t exactly had a love affair with Donald Trump, as they plainly did with President Obama, is an understatement. A new survey shows that not only is coverage of Trump overwhelmingly negative, but the president’s biggest accomplishment — the roaring economy — gets almost no attention.

For its report, the Media Research Center did a lot of visual spadework. It viewed some 1,007 evening news stories about the Trump White House on ABC, CBS, and NBC from June 1 to Sept. 30. That’s the equivalent of about 32.7 hours of coverage, by TV standards an eternity of news time.

What they found was, as Trump himself might say, sad: “Over the summer, the broadcast networks have continued to pound Donald Trump and his team with the most hostile coverage of a president in TV news history — 92% negative, vs. just 8% positive.”

Moreover, the very focus of what the media coverage is highly selective. Some two-thirds of the Trump coverage came from five topics, including the Russia investigation, immigration, the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, North Korea, and U.S.-Russia relations.

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