The Fix is in. Schiff again makes up his own rules.

Congressman Schiff is at it again.  He announced that the rules have been changed. He wants justification from the Republicans about who their witnesses are and what relevance they bring.

Forget the fact that his witnesses will be giving hearsay.  One wasn’t even at the White House when the President’s call was made.  So no justification for the anti-Trump witnesses but the Republicans need to show a justification.

Now leave your partisanship to the side.  How does this even seem fair?  Please don’t say the Republicans also did this, because they did not.

Plus using Saturday as a deadline on who you can call?  Then Adam Schiff can decide if they’re allowed to testify?  This is a witch hunt if I ever saw one.  In closing, the good news is that the American public will see what this really is.  Obstruction of Justice.

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