The Real Reason The Democrats Want Trump Out of the Way #56

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They are going after Trump because he stands in their way. They are really after us, our children, and our freedoms.

Think about this. This is not an impeachment that they’re running. It is a deception. It’s nothing more than a sham bunch of interviews in a basement, and now Schiff is not even releasing the transcripts to Republicans, not allowing Republicans in.

He is simply releasing a series of lies and out-of-context statements attributed to witnesses who, when they come out and see what they supposedly said, are, “I didn’t say that.”

Schiff leaks it, reports it, the media then amplifies it, and the American people get a totally distorted view of what witnesses are saying in this sham impeachment. Well, the big news today is — and it’s in the New York Times — that Democrats, “Well, this is gonna take much longer — oh, my God — much longer than we thought.”

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And you know what the reason given is? Because Schiff and his team are learning of so many abuses they didn’t even know about.

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So what is the real reason for this so-called “IMPEACHMENT?”

They want Trump out of the way because they are really after you and me. They are after our loved ones, and they are after our children. Trump is standing in their way.

Think of all the alt-left propaganda being pushed through the airwaves, through the cable networks. They are trying to capture us with their lies and deception.

They have already started with our children. Pushing transgender nonsense on them. Folks, most of these drag queens are pedophiles. Beware of the big bad wolf!

Think of the story of little red riding hood. How did the wolf dress to deceive Red? Like the grandma. The wolf kidnapped and hid the real woman to trick Red. He dressed in drag. But, it’s just a story, right? Right?? Why were all the stories we were told as kids so creepy?

There was a story that came out last week which informed us of a drag queen who showed his private parts to the children he was reading to. If that isn’t a revelation, I don’t know what is. Trump is fighting deep state corruption. He is standing in their way. He is fighting against their agenda.

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They want to turn your boys into girls. They want to kill your babies. Abortions are committed in record numbers, folks! That is a satanic agenda. Why do you think the Satanic Temple is advocating for Planned Parenthood? Let that sink in for a moment. Why does the Satanic Temple back every single agenda that the Democrats are pushing?

We can’t stay silent while they do this. If they win in 2020, America will be unrecognizable within the first year.

All you have to do to see this is listen to the Democratic candidates. They want to take your guns so you can’t fight them back. They want to take your freedom of speech so you can’t speak out against their corruption.

Keep Fighting! If we give up, they win. If we lose, our children lose. America loses. The End!


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