Social Media 2020 Election Meddling and Censorship #59

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It’s hard not to imagine that the greater Democrat machine is the driving force behind the systematic censorship of conservatives on social media.

After all, many of the massively wealthy and powerful executives in Silicon Valley rub shoulders with many of everyone’s favorite Democrat establishment swamp monsters.

Recently, according to a recently released report by 60 Minutes, over 300 President Trump 2020 campaign ads were taken down by Google and Youtube for “violating” their terms of service. The reporters couldn’t find any apparent reason why the ads were taken down. “We found very little transparency in the transparency report,” 60 Minutes said.

Check out what CBS News reported:

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60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl asked Wojcicki, “Have you taken down any of President Trump’s ads at all?” YouTube’s CEO responded, “There are ads of President Trump that were not approved to run on Google or YouTube.” When pressed for an example, Wojcicki added, “Well, they’re available in our transparency report.” In response to concerns raised after the 2016 election cycle, Google and YouTube, like Facebook, keep a searchable archive of political ads that have run on the site. 60 Minutes reviewed the archive to learn more about President Trump’s problematic political ads. We found that over 300 video ads were taken down by Google and YouTube, mostly over the summer, for violating company policy. But the archive doesn’t detail what policy was violated. Was it a copyright violation? A lie or extreme inaccuracy? Faulty grammar? Bad punctuation? It’s unclear. The ads determined to be offending are not available to be screened. We found very little transparency in the transparency report.

The Trump campaign has strongly condemned the social media platforms for their constant censorship ahead of the 2020 election.

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The Tech Giants also clearly favor Democrats, or at least, have a great amount of animosity towards conservatives.

But could Democratic lawmakers actually be working hand-in-glove with Big Tech censors to make sure that conservatives and Republicans are being silenced on the world’s largest social media networks?

A shocking new video report exposes just this.

The coordinated banning of conservative figures like Infowars and other controversial conservatives was preceded by the Democrats’ demand in Congress that widespread silencing of “hate” and “harassment” take place.

Paul Joseph Watson notes:

Of course it all had nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fallout from Trump’s 2016 success and preventing him from winning re-election in 2020.

The long term goal is to prevent anyone other than Democrats winning ever again by defaming, financially sabotaging and digitally disappearing their ideological adversaries.

Virtually everyone who helped elect Trump in 2020 is now imprisoned in a digital gulag to one degree or another, with the next wave focused on blocking you even having the right to a bank account or to engage in basic commerce.

The end game is a Communist Chinese-style social credit score where any American who expresses views outside ring-fenced “norms” is punished.

Imagine a future where you go to buy groceries and your credit card gets declined because some pencil neck in Silicon Valley didn’t like your politically incorrect Facebook post.

That’s our collective destiny unless we stop it now – our entire lives and our very thought processes dictated to us by the very worst people in society.

The Trump administration must act NOW to address Big Tech censorship and deplatforming otherwise control freaks hell bent on socially re-engineering the population will cement their power for decades to come.

We need to stop the gulag of social media censorship before our nation is taken over by this godless alliance between the Democrat Deep State and Big Tech technocrats.

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This is no small thing. This is a tyrannical grip on free speech the likes of which has never been seen in our nation or in the world. Will you stand by while all our freedoms disappear?

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