House Judiciary Hearings Day 1

Lets see what transpires at the hearings today. ” 3 of 4 experts in this sham hearing have known biases against [Trump]. ” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham tweeted. “Not only is [the president] given no rights in this process, the Dems’ ‘witnesses’ made up their minds long before today. The people of this country are being cheated of a Congress who works for them.”

We will pick up at this afternoon hearing. The morning was a total joke. I honestly think that the Democrats should just go out the back door and just run and hide. The public will see this as a partisan attempt by the Democrats. Nothing will be accomplished here. I found it very interesting that the three Democrat choices aren’t even trying to hide their bias.

So let’s sit back and watch what happens here. Get your popcorn out and enjoy.


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Bold Conservative Staff
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