Evergreen State’s enrollment continues to tank, it hosts white-blaming ‘equity symposium’

You remember The Evergreen State College, right? It became fodder for national headlines in 2017 as a result of the massive fallout over its Day of Absence observance in which white people were asked to stay off campus for a day.

Soon after, its enrollment began to take a nosedive. Two years later, it’s still tanking.
The latest figures posted on its website show that this school year, 2019-20, the college has enrolled 2,854 students — that’s down from 4,089 in 2016.

In mid-November the college hosted the “Evergreen Equity Symposium” that featured a parade of workshops that blamed white people, white fragility, white supremacy, whiteness, racism, institutional racism and unconscious bias for most of the ills in America today.

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