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Sponsors usually have two goals in mind: (1) selling their product, and/or (2) increasing awareness of their brand (aka a “hearts and minds” campaign).
Option A: CPM, cost per mille (‘thousand’ in Latin). This is how much sponsors will pay per 1,000 downloads of your podcast, views of your video, or impressions on your tweet/Instagram/Facebook post. It’s calculated by dividing the cost by impressions, then multiplying that number by 1000. Sponsors use this number in two ways: as a prescriptive way to agree on a price (“I’ll pay $15 per 1,000 downloads of your podcast”), and to assess the performance of their ad after the fact (“We paid $500 for this ad, and it was downloaded 36,320 times. That’s an over $18 CPM. NICE! Let’s renew that ad!”).
Here at The Bold Conservative Podcast, advertising your products is number 1 on our agenda. Our first-week podcasting, we received over 36,000 downloads. In that first week, advertisers would have paid $600 for the first month. We are global, so don’t be surprised if your brand reaches the 4 corners of the globe.
We publish a podcast every day, Monday through Friday. So, every day, thousands of potential customers will hear about your company. We publish our podcast on multiple platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, And SoundCloud.
Or You can choose one episode at a time
Option B: We can also advertise your brand in one episode…
If you are interested in boosting your brand, contact us at or fill out the contact form below. 

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