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Here at The Bold Conservative Podcast, advertising your products is number 1 on our agenda. Our first-week podcasting, we received over 36,000 downloads. Since that week, we have grown magnanimously!  We are global, so don’t be surprised if your brand reaches the 4 corners of the globe.

We publish a podcast every day (Monday through Friday except on Holidays) and we publish trending news articles 24-hours per day 7 days per week. So, every day, thousands of potential customers will hear about your company or see your banner in our articles. We publish our podcast on multiple platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeart Radio. We have staff who share our articles on all major Social Media platforms. (We get around)




There are 2 ways to advertise on our site.

Option A (Flat Rate Per Month)


For $120 per month, we will give you Premium, as listed above, plus place a 300px by 300px banner in our sidebar or a 720px by 90px banner in our articles. (Whichever you prefer) Placed on the website for 30 days.

Our content reaches tens of millions of people composing one of the most engaged conservative audiences in the world. Connect with us and we will put your content in front of one of the most responsive demographics available across any media property in the nation. Let’s find a way to work together!

If you are interested in boosting your brand, contact us by fill out the contact form below. Be sure to tell us which package you are interested in.  (Standard, Premium, or Gold)


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