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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday that he believes that Rep. Adam Schiff has “lied numerous times” during his tenure as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, including about his knowledge of the Trump whistleblower. #TheBoldConservative
Adam Schiff Lied Numerous Times During Impeachment Hearing #55
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday that he believes that Rep. Adam Schiff has “lied numerous times” during his
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We will Not Comply
Deep State Says Keep Whistleblower a Secret: We Will Not Comply #54
The Deep State actors have ordered the press to remain silent regarding the whistleblower’s identity. For the most part, the
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Listen: Sondland’s Quid Pro Quo Testimony is a Complete Fraud #53
 Multiple media outlets pointed to a supplemental written testimony provided by U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland
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Jeffery Epstein-#TheBoldConservative
ABC News Anchor ‘Hundred Percent’ Sure Epstein Was Killed #52
 ABC News anchor Amy Robach, who in a leaked recording revealed that the network sat on the Jeffrey Epstein
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Virginia Vote For Gun Control is Another Excuse for a Gun Grab #51
 Virginia voters are preparing to head to the polls where they will decide on a number of major issues
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Robert Mueller-The Bold Conservative-50th episode
DOJ Releases First Batch Of Mueller Probe Interview Notes #50
 The Justice Department and FBI released the first batch of notes Friday from interviews conducted in the special counsel’s
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impeachment sham #TheBoldConservative
Democrats Cheer Congress’ SHAM Vote Thinking Trump is IMPEACHED #48
 The “impeachment vote” was a sham! Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy says the impeachment inquiry vote was pre-ordained when
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Eric Ciaramella- The Bold Conservative
BREAKING: Identity Of Ukraine ‘WhistleBlower’ Has Been Revealed #47
 Well, the time has arrived! We now know who the whistleblower is and he is as corrupt as Joe
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Susan Rice Melt Down-The Bold Conservative
Susan Rice Complains That Trump Didn’t Tell Obama About Baghdadi Raid #46
 On Sunday, former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice had a meltdown during an interview on CBS’s ‘Face The
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Nancy Pelosi-The Bold Conservative
Pelosi Downplays The Importance of al-Baghdadi Death #45
 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently loathes President Donald Trump so much that she attacked him while he was informing
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