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With millions of unique readers a month and more than 44 million total monthly page views, The Bold Conservative has experienced unprecedented success, even in these days of online censorship. If you support conservative ideas and are interested in producing real stories for real people, you may have what it takes to be a Bold Conservative contributor.

If you would like your work considered for publication in our “Opinion” section, our submission process requires a short biography, a brief explanation of your expertise, and basic contact information. Please note that spelling and grammar will also be evaluated as part of the article selection process, as will adherence to The Associated Press Stylebook — our copy editors do not generally have the time to spend 30 minutes or more bringing an Op-Ed in line with our publishing standards.

Facts that would not normally be considered common knowledge should include a source link so that editors — and readers — can verify dates, statistics, and other information independently.

Submit links such a link to your blog or social media sites in the bio, so that editors and readers can connect with you there.

Do not submit a query letter or “pitch,” as our editorial staff is unlikely to be able to get back to you before the topic becomes stale. If your piece meets our submission guidelines and represents The Bold Conservative’s core editorial values of truth, beauty and goodness — or at least arguably does so — we’re much more likely to publish it.

Currently, we are especially seeking submissions on the topics of online censorship of conservatives and what is commonly referred to as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” on the left (and, to some degree, in the center and some parts of the right). We are a conservative publication, but there is plenty of room for difference of opinion among conservatives, so we do not necessarily have to agree with your opinion to publish it; we do, however, in most cases have to agree that a good number of right-of-center Americans would at least be interested in the perspective presented.

Write about something timely and relevant, and be sure to spend a suitable amount of time researching your subject matter and getting the details right. Op-Ed readers want to read about your take on current political and social events, not your philosophical musings that are not tied to what they see happening in the world around them. Such musings are fine, but you must make the connection for the reader between your ideas and the news cycle — don’t make them do that work for you.

Generally speaking, most pieces we choose to publish are strongly political in content, although commentary about cultural issues will also be considered. If your piece reads more like a sermon or Bible study, we are less likely to publish it unless it’s very closely tied to the events of the current news cycle. (We’re all for sermons and Bible studies, but that’s not what makes a good Op-Ed.)

Your submission should be between 200 words and 1,000 words. If you include any media, such as pictures, you must have the legal right to use them and should explain those rights at the bottom of the submission. IMPORTANT: Make sure your image is resized to 700px by 400px. (They tend to line up better)

Italics, bold print, all caps, and multiple exclamation points will be deleted. Even readers who agree with you don’t want to be yelled at, and if you can’t make your point emphatically with word choice, sentence structure, and organization, your fonts aren’t likely to help.

If the piece has already been published elsewhere, that should be noted at the bottom of the article, along with a link to the original publication. The Bold Conservative is less likely to publish opinion pieces that have appeared elsewhere (except on a personal website or blog), though it’s not an automatic disqualifier.

Most importantly, write with your own voice and be original. An Op-Ed stating that you agree or disagree with a given politician or policy will hold little interest for readers unless you explain why — and offer something new for them to think about that hasn’t occurred to them before. Give readers a logical, winsome argument to help them defend conservative ideals or refute liberal thinking, and you’re likely to build a following on The Bold Conservative’s opinion page.

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